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Just because your car is running smoothly doesn't mean you should put off getting the oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles or every six months. When engine oil starts degrading, it is much less effective at absorbing heat and lubricating components vital to your engine's normal operations. Eventually, old, contaminated oil becomes thick and sludge-like, unable to reduce heat absorption and prevent warping of engine components. The worst consequence of not changing the oil in your car regularly is complete engine failure.

Our mechanics at PA Motorcars in Reading, PA have been changing oil for over a decade. Whether you own a Honda, Ford, Nissan, or any other model or brand, we'll get the oil changed and replace the filter as promptly as possible. Call PA Motorcars today to schedule an appointment in Shillington or Wyomissing, PA for that you've been putting off. Your car will love you for it!

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We recommend using a synthetic blend or full synthetic engine oil that improves gas mileage and supports low-temperature engine performance during winter. Regular engine oil allows the formation of carbon deposits that can clog PCV valves, EGR valves, and cause engines to run rough. In addition, stuck PCV valves produce extreme crankcase pressure that leads to leaking oil gaskets and seals.

When you bring your vehicle to PA Motorcars to have the oil changed in Wyomissing, PA, a mechanic will check PCV valves to determine whether they rattle when shaken. PCV valves that do not rattle should be replaced ASAP. Our mechanics will also test PCV valves while the car is idling.

We always tell our Reading, PA customers that the oil filter is just about as important as having clean oil. Engine oil picks up metal filings and other debris as it flows through a running engine. The oil filter helps remove contaminants that thicken and degrade oil over time. When the oil filter is clogged with debris, it can no longer delay the degradation of engine oil.

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Our Shillington, PA and Wyomissing, PA customers know they can depend on the mechanics at PA Motorcars for oil changes that can help their vehicles' engines remain trouble-free throughout the year. If you’re having other troubles with your vehicle or need to schedule your annual car inspection in Reading, PA, get in touch with us.

PA Motorcars provides quick and reliable oil changes in Pottstown, PA and Reading, PA. We use only premium oil and filter replacements to service our customers' vehicles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your next oil change!

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